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At EITA, we are committed to the most advanced technology, and for access control and security in your company dormakaba is the most prestigious brand. In addition, the exivo system is undoubtedly the most advanced, easiest and safest system you can find in the market.

What is exivo?

New. Different. Secure.

And, first and foremost:

very easy and convenient.


So simply: these are the benefits

How does exivo work?

It’s as simple as this

Improved service for you and your customers

integrated access management on your platform: thanks to exivo

You have questions. We have the answers.

Stay relaxed – EITA as your exivo partner is organising everything for you.

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exivo system brochure

Download here the exivo system brochure

dormakaba Product Portfolio

Download here the dormakaba Product Portfolio

What is exivo?

It’s an access control, but it’s much more …

New. Different. Secure. And, first and foremost

very easy and convenient.


So simply:

overview of six benefits

Easy planning. Fast assembly.

  • Easy planning and configuration over the web-based exivo platform.
  • Fast installation with no interruption of daily business.
  • Straightforward commissioning – thanks to the central exivo platform no special software or server is necessary on site.

Easy control. Convenient operation.

  • Hassle-free ‘full-service’ operation by your exivo partner or do-it-yourself.
  • Assign and change rights over the easy to use dormakaba platform.
  • Access anywhere there is internet access and have complete control over smartphone, tablet PC or computer.

Easy service. Fast solution.

  • Easily send service requests to your exivo partner over the Kaba online platform.
  • Straightforward communication with exivo partner over the integrated online support messenger.
  • Automatic component status messages for early service intervention.
  • Direct access to component fault messages by the exivo partner and remote troubleshooting possibilities.

Easy billing. Full transparency.

  • Low initial investment so it doesn’t break the budget.
  • Predictable expenditure due to the same monthly costs.
  • Fair cost structure as you only pay for what you need.

Easy expansion. Comprehensive security.

  • Easy expansion and upgrading as the system will develop, along with the company.
  • Retrofits for every door and other lock types.
  • Integrated key and mechanical lock management.
  • Integrated management of keys, cards and other access media and their users.
  • exivo can even manage the mechanical key systems of our providers.

Easy updating. Always secure.

  • Ongoing development of the web-based exivo platform will include functionality upgrades.
  • Immediate availability of updates over the automatic update function of the central exivo platform.
  • Maximum security thanks to the exivo platform central management system on secure protected servers.

That’s how it works

exivo: It’s as simple as this

What EITA does as your exivo partner:

  • Plans and maintains your system over the exivo platform.
  • Hosts the entire operation if you wish.
  • Is always available to help and advise.
  • Available to remotely troubleshoot via online chat support.

What you get out of exivo as an entrepreneur:

  • Access control system without additional software or server.
  • Easy and intuitive operation.
  • Full support and co-ordintaion by exivo partner.
  • System always up-to-date in terms of functions and security, no expense entailed at all.
  • Freely choose the amount of control you or your exivo partner should have.
  • Cost control and transparency.
  • Fixed costs with no unpleasant surprises.

What your employees get out of exivo:

  • Ease of use and free choice of media.
  • User friendly operation.
  • Lost keys are no problem.
  • Rights can be adjusted at short notice, for instance when someone has to enter the premises outside business hours or temporary employees, visitors etc. need to be granted access rights.

The exivo platform takes care of everything:

  • The centrepiece of exivo.
  • Under continuous development.
  • Always up to date including state-of-the-art security technology.

dormakaba is behind them all:

  • Provides complete access control infrastructures.
  • Ensures that systems are up-to-date in terms of functions and security.
  • Offers the experience of a technology leader with more than 150 years experience in security technology.
  • Offers electronic, and mechanic locking systems.
  • Manufactures standardised access media like keys (electronic or not), ID cards or RFID chips.

Platform integration

Improved service for you and your customers

integrated access management on your platform

exivo, the cloud-based access solution, lets you automatically link reservations on a platform to the transfer of access rights via the comprehensive “ application programming interface” (API). So, no matter which platform you use for your services – from B&B reservations to managing shared premises or reserving rooms and resources: exivo helps you to automate the assigning of access rights with a minimum of effort. Linking access to your services generates appreciable added value for you and your customers.

Take advantage of the following benefits

  • Offer your customers additional services.
  • Optimise your processes.
  • Save labour and resource costs.
  • Make the most of your potential.
  • RESTful API (JSON).
  • Easy integration
  • Webhook for receiving messages

When is API integration practical?

  • If you use a platform or mobile application to interact with customers and service providers.
  • If you need customised solutions and functions.
  • If access to rooms is going to be an integral part of your service.

exivo – use it anywhere

The services industry is highly diversified – just like exivo’s deployment possibilities – especially when it comes to linking them into existing platforms. Optimise your reservation processes by assigning rights online.

  • Fast reservation.
  • No media transfer.
  • Unrestricted flexibility.

Who is exivo designed for?FAQ

You have questions? We have the answers.

Who is exivo designed for?

Small to medium sized businesses looking for a hosted solution to their access control system with minimal internal IT co-ordination. exivo’s intuitive flexible user interface, designs access to buildings, rooms and infrastructure and is very easy and user-friendly in the process.

I have a need for something like this. But what will it cost me?

exivo is a service billed monthly with the same agreed amount with no unpleasant surprises. There are no high costs for software, programming tools or the IT infrastructure. You only pay for what you need.

Can I choose the service level myself?

Yes, exivo offers different service packages. You select the functions and services you need.

I don’t have much staff fluctuation. Isn’t exivo too complex for me?

exivo is so simply structured, operation is easy and intuitive. If you like you can hand over management completely to your exivo partner. They make any changes as required, leaving you to concentrate fully on your business.

Do I need hardware and special software for exivo?

You need exivo door components on the doors and Internet access. You don’t need software, because exivo runs quite simply over your web browser.

I’m on the road a lot. Can I still operate the system?

exivo was designed especially for this situation. All you need is Internet access. Over a computer, tablet PC or smartphone: you can access the system whenever and wherever you like.

Where can I get more information about exivo?

Visit dormakaba.com/exivo, talk to dormakaba Spain or get in touch with us personally. We’ll be happy to assist you.

I can’t do any wiring on my premises. Is that a problem?

No, exivo offers various wireless products for these doors. A wireless gateway is simply installed close to the door components, so they are also integrated into the system wirelessly.

I’ve lots of doors, but I only need to secure one. Is that ok?

Sure, exivo works from one door onwards. The system can be easily extended as the situation demands.

How long does it take to install and commission exivo?

As the system is already available during planning, it can be set up at an early stage. We get it going as soon as you place your order That means once the products have arrived, installation can be less than a day depending on size, and you will be up and running.

What do I do if I have problems with a door?

exivo is designed to prewarn your partner of problems occurring with the systems intuitive maintenance cycles. In the unlikely event of a problem arising on a door without prior notice, the system will pick it up and notify the chosen system user automatically. Depending on the service model, the fault is sent directly to your exivo partner or yourself as system user.

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exivo system brochure

Download here the exivo system brochure

dormakaba Product Portfolio

Download here the dormakaba Product Portfolio

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